About Us

In 1984, Apostle Raymond Mabion and his wife Opal established the Kansas City Prayer Dome (KCPD) with just a few church members.  Over the years, the KCPD has attracted thousands of attendees and hundreds of regular church members.

Our Church

Our church was established as a group of people to  carry out the mission that Christ instructed.  Upon this rock I will build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. We believe the church is one body, designed to do the work of Christ on the earth. This is accomplished by preaching the word, singing praises to the Lord through worship, and praying with hands lifted high to ask the Lord to enter our affairs.

Our Ministries

We minister the word to the poor through bible study, offering of jobs, praying and ministering to the needs of those in bondage. We involve ourselves with community development, through bringing renewal through neighborhoods. To visit the prisons, lift up the wounded. We offer outreach to the drug and alcoholic, and sexual abusers. We offer medical help to foreign missions and building aid.

Mission Statement

We are a family of believers under the Lordship of Jesus Christ who acknowledge as members of His Body. He is the head and cornerstone of the church built on a foundation of first apostles, and then prophets as stated in Scripture. We are living stones cemented together in love.  

As sons and daughters of the same Apostolic Father, we lay our lives down to submit to a common vision and divine mandate imparted from above through the apostles teachings and instructions.  We look beyond ourselves, and the walls of any church building to secure our ultimate purpose.

Our destiny is to advance and proclaim the Kingdom of our Lord in our neighborhood, city, region, country, and any nation where we are sent. Holding to God’s original design and pattern, we will invade and subdue the kingdoms of this world, transforming every area of society so that our Lord’s Kingdom comes to earth as it is in Heaven.