Our Mandate

Bethlehem Christian Assembly is an Apostolic Resource Center.

Our mandate is to be a catalyst to bring the city together in prayer, intercession and re-building walls of protection that have fallen in our city and region.

We want to bring harmony among the people in this city.

We believe that the wall around Kansas City has been broken down, especially around the inner city. This has caused poverty, an increase in crime (especially murder), and fatherless homes, resulting in children without a destiny. 

We believe that it is the responsibility of the church to begin the re-building of the walls to eliminate many social problems we have in Kansas City and the region.

We understand that this cannot be accomplished by just one church, but through a combined effort of a multitude of churches in Kansas City.

Like Nehemiah, we feel that we have been called to bring harmony to the body of Christ, expressing a desire to see the broken walls around the city be built back up strong.

Our mandate is to be accomplished with the strategy that was given to Nehemiah, when he was building the walls in Jerusalem.

As prophetic people, we understand the times we live in. As an apostolic people, we are change agents sent to influence and change our world.

We are God’s holy nation, chosen generation, royal priesthood and treasured people.

We are Evangelical, winning souls for the Kingdom of God.

We are Pentecostal, a Holy Ghost community filled with God’s supernatural power, created for signs and wonders.

We are Kingdom, a military might invading the seven mountains of society, transforming culture and filling our world with the Glory of God.

We are Kings and Priests under our God.

As Priests we have compassion for mankind and as Kings we have the authority to transform their lives.

As Priests we are worshipers and as Kings we are warriors. We are chosen for greatness and together we shall do great things.

Our individual destinies are found in our corporate identity. 

As the Tabernacle of David, we are a people without prejudice and a people of praise, we take vengeance over all our enemies and rule over every circumstance!

We are the seed of Abraham and the seed of David.

As the seed of Abraham, we are promised the land and as the seed of David we are promised the throne. 

The land is the earth and the throne is our legal right to rule it.

We are chosen for greatness and anointed to finish. 

Nothing shall deter us from enforcing the finished work of Calvary in our world!

We have come to the Kingdom for such as time as this!

We have come together to make Jesus, King and Lord over all the earth.

Our purpose is to be intimate with the Lord and our destiny is to manifest Him in the earth!

Bethlehem Christian Assembly, known as the KC Prayer Dome is a place that fights for the needs of the city.